M13Working with young people in Ardwick to promote fun, learning, action and change, within young people, ourselves and the communities in which we live and work.

We do this through spending time out on the streets in our community every day, meeting, listening to and talking with young people and developing further activities together, such as trips, residentials, projects, workshops, accredited learning, volunteering and community action.

We are a community-based voluntary sector project, established in 1995 by the current Manager, Helen, specialising in street-based ‘detached’ youth work with young people often labelled hard-to-reach. We work in the inner-urban areas of Brunswick, Grove Village, Coverdale and Newbank in Ardwick, Manchester, from an inclusive Christian value-base, using the principles and practices of informal education and community development.

We believe all young people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and that each young person can love, think, create, reflect, enjoy, achieve and make a positive difference to their world.